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Macnamara was founded in 2003 by Ciaran Kenny, an IT specialist with over 30 years of experience in the field. Over the years, Ciaran and team have shaped Macnamara into a genuinely different type of IT company. One where the emphasis is on the benefits of technology rather than the technology itself. One in which IT isn’t merely a problem to be fixed, but a valuable asset and a positively enjoyable part of any business. 

Macnamara proudly takes a proactive approach to managing IT systems, spotting issues before they occur and always working to make life easier for every client. To put it simply, we do everything we can to make IT better.

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Ciaran Kenny - Managing Director, Macnamara

We aim to improve people’s working lives by making IT positively enjoyable

Our Mission

We aim to improve people’s working lives by making IT positively enjoyable to use while keeping personal and company information safe, and we want our clients to turn to us without a moment’s hesitation when our help or advice is needed, and to know the response will always be professional, friendly and, above all, helpful. In everything we do we genuinely want to make our client happier.

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Our approach

Win / Win

Why wait for things to break before you fix them? 

One of our proudest boasts is that our helpdesk phones rarely ring. This is because our monitoring and reporting systems are second to none. If something goes wrong, we’re more likely to be calling you to let you know we’re working on it, than you calling us to report a problem.

On top of that, we not only aim to permanently fix problems we encounter but also to document and automate the fix so that the resolution to a problem at one client becomes a benefit for every client. That way, everybody wins. 


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