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Why you need a secure password

A strong password is essential for preventing others from gaining unauthorised access to your account or device. The stronger the password the more difficult it will be for a hacker to crack.

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Best practices

How to make a secure password

It can be hard to think of a password that you can remember when you need it, let alone multiple passwords and variations. What can make this is easier is using a methodology or naming convention for your passwords.

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Cloud Services

Teams or Zoom?

Both applications do the job of video conferencing well, and they’re not the only ones (e.g. Google Meet, Starleaf, Webex). But what’s the real difference, and when should you use one over the other?

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Macnamara News

Tracking Coronavirus using Power BI

Visual representations make trends and differences easy to spot. Trying to make sense of the news during the Coronavirus crisis provides a powerful example of how difficult it can be to extract meaning from raw data. Like everybody else I have been struggling to interpret the daily deluge of numbers so I can determine whether

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how to be calm and resilient during a work crisis
Office Impact

How To Stay Calm and Be Resilient During a Business Crisis

You can’t escape the C-word at the moment. 

And by C-word we’re not referring to “coronavirus” – nor “COVID-19” (though, you can’t escape those either).

The word of the day is crisis. Because you know what – COVID-19 is just one crisis. It’s surely not the first, and it won’t be the last.

So here’s one particularly valuable thing you can learn from this situation: how to stay calm and logical in the face of any crisis – big or small – that impacts your company.

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