How to Sign in to Edge Browser

Signing into Edge using your Office 365 email account is a great way to securely access your company data without having to repeatedly sign into Office 365.

Once you are signed in, your credentials will be stored and you will asked less frequently to enter your password when accessing your company data. Better still, you can then also sign in using the same account on a different computer, which will sync your bookmarks, browsing history and passwords as well. This is a great way of syncing your settings across multiple devices, or for transferring your settings to a new device.

Be careful! Only sign into Edge on a computer that is yours and under an account that only you have access to, otherwise you risk exposing your passwords and browsing history to other users of that computer.

Signing in is easy.

Open Edge and click the avatar icon in the top right hand corner.

If you already have an account associated with the device, it will be displayed and you can select that, otherwise choose Workplace or School Account.

Enter your email address and password when prompted. All your bookmarks, passwords, and even your browser extensions will be saved to your account.

Now, every time you sign in on a device you will get the same bookmarks and history, and any passwords you have saved in the browser will follow you too.

See also our guide on setting up a similar profile in Firefox and Chrome

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