The Power Of LinkedIn

How social media worked for me

Facing redundancy, or unemployment of any kind is a daunting thought. But in a time, such as this, a global pandemic looming over the world, there really seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Thousands of job losses per month, businesses going into administration and individuals having to retrain in their second, third or maybe fourth field.  

After I was most recently made redundant and 270+ job applications later (most of which didn’t even acknowledge my emails) I posted a short post on LinkedIn. I had seen previous success stories of people finding that once in a lifetime opportunity of re-building a career. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Macnamara ICT, stating that they had an opening in their business for an individual to implement ITIL bases practices and procedures that were currently missing in their business. 

Two weeks later, I was accepted into the company. If it wasn’t for my LinkedIn post and my connections subsequently sharing that, I highly imagine that I would still be aimlessly firing off applications. Social Media certainly has its pro’s and con’s, however over the past few years I have seen it enable businesses to flourish whether that via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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