A little bit bit more about what we can do for you.



Your business vision and our techincal expertise, aiming for win-win and mutual success. We’re good at what we do and we want to work with customers who see the value of a technology partnership. And, we only work with suppliers who feel the same, to bring you the very best of an ever more diverse technology marketplace.


People use computers, not the other way around. Our support is there for your people when they need it and where they need it. In your office, on the road, over the Internet, on a mobile. We are in business to help and support our users – your people and our aim is always to leave our users smiling.


All staff are members of the Chartered Institute of IT and are required to take Microsoft exams to retain individual as well as company Microsoft Certified Partner status.


When it comes to managing your system, our model is the world of professional services. We steer clear of rocket science and aim for the knowledgeable and reassuring mood of the better medical or legal practices.

Calm & Peaceful

Please come and visit our office. Our proudest boast is how rarely the helpdesk phones ring. This is because our monitoring and reporting systems are second to none and we are so on the ball that, should something go awry, it is far more likely to be us calling you to keep you in the loop rather than you calling us to report a problem.


We believe in security by design and by default, not as an afterthought. We take your security as seriously as we do our own. Unqualified staff will never work on your critical systems. We never underestimate the trust you place in us when you allow us access to your business systems and information and our team are not allowed to forget their privileged position for a moment.


The big Catch 22 in our world is that when we do a good job you can forget that we are there. We work hard and pay enormous attention to detail to keep your systems running in tip top shape. And, every month you get a full report detailing every little tweak, every intervention and every interaction with your staff. You always know exactly what is going on and, while no one likes to get a bill, the ones you get from us are, at least, very easy to understand.


If you want to keep up to date with technology developments – positive and negative – we aim to keep you briefed on what is going on. Whether a quick update on the latest ransomware (and how we have kept you safe) or an update on tomorrow’s cloud developments (and how they will benefit you) we will keep you in the know.

Hands On

Not everything can be automated and not every problem can be fixed from afar. While we have invested in the most modern systems for monitoring, reporting and remote management, we also know that the best systems in the world can get it wrong so everything is cross checked manually and when a network or computer problem needs to be fixed in your office we’ll be there – for as long as it takes.


We support close to 600 individual users and our help desk team is on first name terms with all of them. Slightly paradoxically, by keeping very detailed and highly formalised records, we can get to know all of our users well enough that dealing with our help desk team is often just like dealing with a colleague. And, here’s the real key, it doesn’t matter which of our team you talk to they all know your system and history in detail.


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