Setting Up A Sync Account in Firefox and Chrome

By creating an account in Firefox and Chrome browsers, you will be able to sync your browsing history, favorites and saved site logins across multiple PCs. This is also a great way of transferring your browser data to a new PC. Setting up an account is very easy.

Before you Begin – Decide The Account Username

You should always keep your work and personal accounts separate. So, when setting up sync for your work PC, we recommend you use your company email address as your account id.

Remember – you are setting up an account which has a username that is the same as your work email address, not setting up a new email account. Do not confuse the two. Using your company email address will make resetting the password and identifying the sync account easier if you have more than one, but it’s got nothing else to do with it.

When choosing a password for the sync account, do not choose the same password you use for logging into your email.

Never share your PC login or your browser sync account with anyone else as they will have access to all your stored internet search history and site credentials.

For more information on password security, see our post Is It Ever A Good Idea To Share Office Passwords?


Click the icon in the top right hand corner, and then ‘Sign in to Sync’

Click the link to ‘Get started’ and set up an account. Use your work email address and follow the instructions to set up the account.


Click the icon in the top right hand corner, and then ‘Sign in to Chrome’

Click ‘Create an Account’

Now, you will have the option to set up a new GMail account. Do not do this; you don’t want to set up a GMail Account. Choose ‘Use my current email address instead’

Enter your work email address and choose a password; do not use your company email password, choose something else that you will remember. Follow the rest of the instructions to set up the account.

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